Memphis Theological Seminary Journal
 Published by
Memphis Theological Seminary
of the
Cumberland Presbyterian Church
168 East Parkway South at Union
Memphis, Tennessee 38104-4395

Andre E. Johnson                                                           Editor
    Memphis Theological Seminary publishes the Memphis Theological Seminary Journal three times a year— March, July and November.  This journal supersedes The Cumberland Seminarian, which published its final issue with Volume XXVIII, Fall, Winter 1990, Numbers 2, 3.

    Writers should address all correspondence and manuscripts (articles only) to the editor at the seminary address. Please use inclusive language and do not exceed twenty-five pages in length. Here is the mission statement for the journal:

  • The Memphis Theological Seminary Journal promotes the idea of public intellectualism.
  • We believe that both scholars and scholarship should be available to the public as whole.
  • We believe that the walls between academia and religious institutions must become more permeable.
  • We believe that by using the medium of the internet we can reach far more people far more quickly than by using the traditional print medium.
  • We believe that a more robust relationship between scholars and the mass media would benefit the quality of discourse in the public sphere.
  • We believe that a more informed public is a public better able to take part in a democratic society.

    Our emphasis is on the academic study of religion—both in its theoretical and practical frameworks. While we focused on academic rigor, writers should also have a lay audience in mind.

   Memphis Theological Seminary publishes the Memphis Theological Seminary Journal exclusively via the internet.

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