Agricola’s Place in the Development of Doctrine:The Function of Loci Communes in Sixteenth-Century Exegesis and Disputation By:Grant Boswell
America’s Holy War: FDR, Civil Religion, and the Prelude to War By:Timothy Wyatt
Filming the Holy: Rhetorical Strategies in the Coen Brothers’ True Grit By: Richard Engell
“FOR THE TYRANT SHALL BE NO MORE” Reflections on and Lessons from “The Arab Spring” in North Africa, the Middle East and the Civil Rights and Anti-Apartheid Struggles By:Allan Aubrey Boesak
From I Am to I Do: Gaining Power through Marginalization in the Book of Margery Kempe By: Katherine Fowler
From The Guest Editor
Luke’s Warning: A Dangerous Economy in Ephesus (Acts 19:25-27, 35b-40) By: Joy Warren
Paul’s Use of Aristotelian Enthymeme’s in New Testament Scripture:Turning “Head Knowledge” into “Heart Knowledge” By:Kevin Jones
Performing a Rhetoric of Renunciation: An Exploration of Hindu Female Renouncers’ Vernacular Practices in North India
Religious Rhetoric in Tyler Perry’s Play Madea’s Family Reunion By:Angela M Nelson
Resurrection Power: Rapper Appropriation of the Crucified Jesus By: Ebony A. Utley
Ritual and Rhetoric: Two Form of Rhetorical Memory in the Early Eucharist By: M. Todd Harper
Speaking in a Prophet’s Stead: Rhetoric, Power and HIV/AIDS By: Christopher House
Subverting the Powers: Martin Luther King’s Rhetorical Model By: Michael D. Royster
Susanna and the Elders’: A Visual Rhetoric of Sin By: Alexander Kozin
The Augustinian Tradition in Rhetoric. By: Hanne Roer
The Fundamentals of Religious Speakers & Rhetoric (The mobility of the Church) By:Anjerrika Anthony
The Religious Philosophy of Edith Stein: Knowledge and Faith By: Melissa Chastain
The Religious Rhetoric of Scapegoat Reliance By: Brent Kice
The Rhetoric of a Pagan Past: Lactantius and Varro By: C. M. Whiting
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