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From The Guest Editor

I am thankful for the opportunity to guest edit this edition of the Memphis Theological Seminary Journal for two reasons. First, it begins our journey as an online journal. Previously, we have published the journal as a print journal, but starting with this issue, we will only publish the journal online. However, the second reason I am thankful for the opportunity is that this is our Rhetoric and Religion issue. From political candidates drawing upon religious language and themes, to Nicki Manaj’s performance of an exorcism and pseudo-crucifixion at the 2012 Grammy Awards, it seems as if religion and religious discourse is front and center in our public consciousnesses. With this issue of the journal, we suggest that an examination of the rhetorical—as it relates to religious language, performances and discourses—could prove beneficial and fruitful in understanding how rhetoric and religion works in the public arena.

Andre E. Johnson